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07 March 2011 @ 03:26 pm
Question :
Which of the artworks do you most identify with? Take a photo of it and tell us why. Your blog post must also include original photographs of the exhibition.

I think for me, the art work below is the only one that I’m most identified with among the others art pieces. Because I was given the freedom to move and rank the 8 different types of buckets base on my own preferences.

The 8 buckets are friends, intellect, family, wealth, career, love, beauty and health from left to right as shown below.

Apart from the other art works, this is the most impressive art piece to me. Because I think that this is the only art work that makes me goes thinking over and over again and again about what I want in my future life. It makes me thinks about what I want the most and least. From there how will I go ranking it and am I satisfied with it. Is it realistic? Does it make any sense? How am I going to do so that I can achieve it and not make it worse? What I am supposed to do to make it true?

While the other art pieces are least interesting to me, as the art work is mostly about the artist thoughts and lifestyles. Examples are the ones that are shown below.

This piece of art work is about the artist daily life using the colour coding system to categorise the different sets of everyday activities such as work, sleep, commuting, eating and so on.

While this is another piece of art work about the artist life, the artist makes use of the threads to show about the presents and the free-spirited about the artist.

In conclusion, I think the first art work is the one that gives me a more impressive and the one that I identify the most among the others artistes’ art works.
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